Core Development Area

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Watford Final Draft Local Plan 2018-2036

Representation ID: 1802

Received: 17/02/2021

Respondent: Mr John Snell

Representation Summary:

Your consideration of the Core Area ignores the events of the last 12 months: apart from the short-term effects of COVID, the medium and longer terms consequences cannot be ignored. For instance, the INTU mall now has significant empty premises which may be candidates for change of use from retail to residential. I suspect there are other medium/long term effects of COVID that professional planners should consider, even if only to appraise them and give reasons why they can be discounted.


Watford Final Draft Local Plan 2018-2036

Representation ID: 1837

Received: 10/03/2021

Respondent: Hertsmere Borough Council

Representation Summary:

Hertsmere supports Watford’s proposals for higher density development in sustainable locations and proposals to reduce the reliance on the road network. Nevertheless, the mode of delivery for key services, with particular reference to healthcare and education provision, to support these growing communities would benefit from further explanation. The supporting text makes reference to community infrastructure proposals however the onus has been put on applicants to identify land and it would be helpful to further articulate how this will be secured and brought forward in a timely manner.