Watford Junction Station area

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Watford Final Draft Local Plan 2018-2036

Representation ID: 2011

Received: 15/03/2021

Respondent: Network Rail

Agent: Network Rail

Representation Summary:

Watford Junction presently does not see many long distance trains stopping due to the intensity of use of the fast lines through the station and this is unlikely to change after HS2 opens due to similar numbers of 'Classic' services planned to use the West Coast Main Line. Network Rail has long aspired to build additional fast line platforms at the station to allow stops to be accommodated in the timetable and would like this provision incorporated into the framework for the Watford Gateway area. This will require earmarking or the protection of a wider West Coast rail corridor through the Gateway area to facilitate this provision without prejudicing the future development and enhancement of Watford junction as a major transport hub.
Watford Junction station requires other improvements to accommodate the already high passenger numbers. The station subway is inadequate for the current usage and Network Rail would seek, in conjunction with the Council, to redevelop the station to enhance the station environment and improve passenger facilities. This could incorporate the Council's aspirations for footbridges across the railway and the provision of improved interchange facilities with other transport modes.