Watford Junction Draft Development Brief 2016

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Watford Junction Draft Development Brief 2016

Watford Junction Draft Development Brief

Representation ID: 565

Received: 30/09/2016

Respondent: TfL Planning

Representation Summary:

Consultation would be required with TFL for any reconfiguration of the station to account for matters including access during construction.

Full text:

* The report mentions the impact MLX will have on rail connectivity. It is forecast that there would be a net increase in Metropolitan Line annual trips of 730,000 following the opening of the extension. However the impact on passenger numbers from MLX are not on their own a driver for the increase in demand.
* Any reconfiguration of station facilities would need to be made in consultation with Transport for London.
* We would expect any interface between construction projects are appropriately managed and take account of respective and applicable governance and standards.
* MLX will be working with Network Rail and the Train Operating Companies to ensure our access requirements (for construction) are managed in a collaborative way (through the Engineering Access Statement process) and will need to ensure that any maintenance access we design in (e.g. gates in the fence line etc.) are considered for any other works. TfL would normally do this via the Network and Station Change processes and through inclusion of appropriate stakeholders at Independent Design Reviews.

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